First Lady Zinash Tayachew laid the foundation for the second round of construction of schools

First Lady Zinash Tayachew with former First Lady Roman Tesfaye

First Lady Zinash Tayachew is captivating people’s attention with her good deeds and achievements within a short period of time in office. She has been relentlessly contributing to the education sector by building much needed secondary schools across Ethiopia. She often prefers to keep a low profile, but her achievements are speaking louder. After assuming office on March 2018, the first lady made promises to work with full commitment in the education sector and in assisting the most vulnerable.

Fortunately, her promises were not devoid of worth, she is fulfilling them successfully. During the course of the last two years her office, the Office of the First Lady of Ethiopia has delivered 12 secondary schools to the public across different administrative regions of Ethiopia. Many consider these projects as symbols of unity and equality since they are constructed throughout Ethiopia.

The 12th in the row built in West Guji, Oromia has been inaugurated today. More interestingly, the naming of the schools reveals to some extent the sense of priority of the first lady. Almost all of the names of the schools have the word ‘light’ as a prefix or suffix. Designations like the words ‘Birhan’, ‘Ifaa’ and ‘Illeys’ for example mean light in Amharic, Afaan Oromo and Somali respectively. This is a deliberate appellation by the office to imply that education is the light to the path of prosperity and economic success.

As a matter of fact, education is not her sole area of success. She also has done a lot in women’s economic empowerment, mental health and protection of the most vulnerable, which also are the four major initiatives and priorities of the first lady. However, she does not want to rest on her laurels, today she has laid the foundation stone for the second round of construction of schools and she has already proven that she is able to accomplish the task before long.

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