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Rumors!!! Yemane Gebreab Eritrean Official detained in USA, really? How so?

After reading Asmarino dot com, one of Eritrean opposition web site we further tried to investigate the detention of the named official of Eritrean Gov., Yemane Gebreab (aaka) Yemane “Monkey” but we cannot prove or disprove that he is really detained by US security forces.

It is known that Eritrean gov is not a favourite to the American gov and the root cause being foolish bragging of the current leadership, second Eritrea alliance with some of the enemies of American gov. Ethiopian gov have also played major diplomatic war to corner its strategic enemy PFDJ, commonly known also as “Shaebya” (Shaebya in Arabic is for the people).

The PFDJ is also facing strong opposition from its citizens who claim that they have been maltreated and brutally beaten and some murdered. While the PFDJ rejects all the allegations and defended itself by saying Eritrean youth are abandoning the country because of the green pasture that they see in western world not because of its maltreatment and brutality.

Recently it was in the news that Yemane Gebreab was beaten by Eritrean opposition members that live in exile and he was also faced by group of opposition youth in one occasion in Europe.

If the case is right that the official is detained, we raise questions. What are the rationals behind his detention?

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