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Adwa Times is created and managed by professionals who understand about world politics, culture, arts and science and technology.

We will bring you news, views, analysis and commentary directly to your smart phones, Ipad or computers.

Adwa Times will mainly focus to East Africa and particularly to Ethiopia. But also we will have our own views and analysis to world events.

Adwa Times is named after most popular small town in Tigray, Ethiopia. Adwa is significant as a birth place of the founder of this web site and it is also significant for many historians in the world.

Many Ethiopians pride themselves telling the history of Adwa. There are many who believe Adwa is a pride of Africans.

For us the history of Adwa is not for Ethiopians only , it is not for black Africans only either. It is a symbol for any one who fight for freedom and particularly it is a symbol for any nation or people who fought against colonialism or any sort of dominance.

Adwa is therefore a pride many who fought for freedom and against colonialism around the world.

This site is therefore dedicated for the glorious history of Adwa and we the children of Adwa will serve truth again in this age of information.

Thank you

Adwa Times

Serving truth again!