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Why I do not like BBC Tigrigna, VOA Tigrigna and the like

It is a historical fact that Tirigna speakers are divided by a historical mistakes of Menelik II and Colonial Italian invasion of of the Tigrigna speakers and that further encroached to other nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. One people with solid common historical and cultural ground was divided into Eritrean Tigray and Ethiopian Tigray.

Before the invasion of Italy and the historical mistake of Menilik II, this people were governed as one Tigrinya, they have similar historical roots that predates to the age of Pharaohs in Egypt, Mesopotamia, Byzantine, Greeks, Chinese and Farsi people civilization.

Their civilization is well documented and linked to the Yeha civilization, Demt people and Axumite dynasty.

Sadly this old civilization with it historical treasures was challenged by colonial invasions Ottoman Turks, Egyptians and later by Italians and neo colonialist Great britain. The former invasions were tackled and reversed by a strong public resistance. The Tigrigna speaking people strongly resisted and won all odds.

The later Italian colonialism was however different because of internal frictions and because Minilik made the most horrible mistake in signing and giving the land and its people to be ruled by Italians across Mereb River to the North.

After several years of separation which has been taken over by Great Britain and then was transferred to Haileselassie, Eritrea to be part of Ethiopia.

In this long slavery of Eritreans by Italians and “giving back” Eritrea to Ethiopia have denied their true identity as Tigrayan. Eritrean sentiment developed and resentment was built up already and Eritreans started a struggle of independence.

After long struggle and with tactical alliance and political decision of Marxist student movement of Tigreans with deep empathy to their struggle from the side of Tigrean revolutionary movement, Eritrea was once again became an independent nation and again that has divided these one Tigrigna speaking people into two.

After independence, when all these big world actors recognise Eritrea as Tigrigna speaking nation which denies Tigrigna speaking majority who live as part of Ethiopia Federal Country. If in percentage majority in Eritrea now a days are Arab speakers than Tigrigna speakers. The Tigrigna speakers are marginalized and weakened.

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